The 22 ‘More Equal’ Ones

“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others,” was one of the commandment as spelt out by Squealer in the Animal Farm. Through this Dystopian novel, George Orwell, succintly highlighted the unequal world that we exist in.

Every Indian is subjected to the ‘more equal’ maxim numerous times in the day, from the place that he/she has to live in, to how commuting is done, to what amenities are available. There are basically three classes of people in India, the Upper Class, the Power Class and finally the Other Class. It is only the first two classes that have rights, the Others are burdened with duties. In every action, at every sphere, this class difference is discernible; at times it might be overt and at time, covert.

During one of my travels, I came across one instance of such inequality. At the Kolkata Airport, the CISF had put up a board before the security check, listing out the names of dignitaries that were exempted from frisking and could directly board an aircraft, not needing any security check.

Post 9/11, air travel have become quite pain for commoners like me, have to reach the airport at least an hour early, carry no liquids, no cans, nothing, remove laptops and place them on the tray, etc.  But these 22 people or rather 22 class of people need not submit to such incongruities, they are the creme-de-la-creme of India.

On seeing the list, I had jotted down the names and am listing them out here. Find out for yourself, who the 22 ‘more equal’ Indians are.

P.S. Number 22 was quite an interesting addition.

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