The People (r) you encounter as an Entrepreneur

Any new venture or project is seldom down in isolation, in case you are not Michaelangelo or Picasso. So long is the project is not externally funded (or till it is), you will have to be dependent on a set of people to help you through. Based on my numerous interactions (not to mentioned ideas discussed or launched) here is a lost of people that you are most likely to encounter:

The Believers
They will stand by your project irrespective of its merits or demerits just because they believe in you, your vision or your capacity.

The Exciters
These are the set that will get excited, discuss grand plans, but they will not commit anything till the idea has taken shape.

The Promisers
These are motley set that will listen all, nod and then make grand promises of collaboration, only to Not fullfill them.

The Backers
These are a set of people who don’t really believe in you but like the idea and would back it up now and then just to be in the loop of things. They are there to back up on things.

The Jealousers
This set will listen to the idea and grumble at how you stumbled upon it. And while they would not help you with yours, they will either start working on a “similar” their own secretly, or starting digging a pit.

The Opportuners
These are the people who will wait to see how your project is shaping. They will concur with you, take time, but only work once the project is truly off the ground. Not before, not later.

The Connecters
These people have a lot of connection, or atleast know a lot of people who can be helpful. If the idea is sold to them, they will readily connect you to a whole bunch of relevant people who can be good help.

The Nay-sayers
These are the perpetual pessimists, especially born to put you down. They will find a flaw in anything and everything you do, even if you happened to partner with Sergey Brin on the project

The Blessers
These are the Beatific people of some influence and resource. And going by their very nature, they keep blessing numerous ventures at the same time. The “blessings” can be both in tems of mentoring and influence.

Finally, The Arroganters
These are a small set of arrogant pricks, who will rile you off, or show you down when you ask them for help. They are also one of the primary reason for success, because you want to do it just so you can kick their butt.

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