Idhant’s milestones

Little Sunflower

  Raising a kid is like working on an amazing job; there might be loads and loads of fun, but at the end it is a job nonetheless. The difference is that you don’t get paid (on the contrary, you have to do so) and there is never a break from this one, no PLs, CLs, or sick leaves. There is never a time when you stop being a parent, and being on the edge becomes a habit or so. Suddenly, dust, mites, cold, fever, mosquitoes, et al become your enemies, while crocin, colimex become the trusted friends.  

Are there any KRAs for the child rearing job? Of course, the difference being  that they are called as milestones. These milestones usually turn into an obsession for many parents, as they do not want their ward to lag early in life.  

Bibby Time

Hence the charts become a reason for concern or celebration at varying times. Me and wifey have had similar moments of triumphs and despondency with Idhant over the past few months. Like any other parents, we too have collated a list and keep an eager eye on new changes and developments in the little one. The only thing we guard against is not to get too obsessed by the list or in some ways try to influence Idhant’s progress. We happily let nature take its own sweet course and enjoy the moments that it provides us.  

According to our list, the first thing baby starts is with a ‘Social smile’ which should be under 3 months or so. Idhant’s eyes must and did ‘follow pencil’.Me know something, you don't ‘Hold head steady’ was a major milestone while ‘rolls from back to stomach’ came next. Idhant did indeed turn his ‘head to sound of bell/rattle’ and one fine day we caught him ‘transferring objects hand to hand’. In the meantime, there were a few others that passed, like ‘grasping objects’, cooing and gurgling, laughing and giggling or ‘enjoying self in the mirror’.  

At 7 months now, we anxiously wait for the next few that will surely change our lives for good, ‘raising self in standing position’ and ‘walking without  support’. It will be followed by the first words being uttered in a language we can gauge. Little ivory should be peeking out anytime now.  

The Teaser

In the meantime, Idhant is becoming a person, someone who has his likes and dislikes. So there are the certain friends he is happy with namely Luka the Leopard or Ellie the Elephant and there are the others he cares two hoots for. Anything and everything is now to be tasted be it a cloth or a toy, it all goes straight into the mouth. There are certain games he likes and certain he does not.  

And then there are the numerous moods of Idhant, at times he will be comfortable and happy and at times he will irritated and craggy. For instance, if woken up with a sudden bang, you can expect hell. At times, he wants his mom besides him all the times and at others he is comfy playing by himself.  

The Stud-o

Thus, we wait at times excited and others edgy, as Idhant clears one milestones only to set off for the next one. I wonder at times, if he knew about the importance of his small actions , would he flash his naughty smile at us sympathizing with us fools or would he not?

2 thoughts on “Idhant’s milestones

  1. Awwwww…that warms a heart instantly.
    I once heard that ‘if we knew being grandparents would be so much fun, we would have had them first’….your article blurs the difference.
    Tks for sharing these experiences, really useful for all those scared souls around, who are eager and yet jittery to walk on to the land of diapers.
    Idhant looks Chweeeeet!:)

  2. Beautiful post. Im sure every “new” parent would agree with. Its amazing what parenthood can do to people..And Idhant looks like an absolute angel in these pics.. I loved the “Sunflower”and “teaser” ones…

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