Interview: G Madhvan Nair (ISRO)

Getting to speak to Mr. G Madhvan Nair is an opportunity that I pride on. Hopefully some years down the line, I will be telling incidents to my grandchildren of how India had made a beginning with space exploration in 2008 by launching the Chandrayaan and how I interviewed the chairman of the agency.

But beyond the historical trappings, Mr. Nair came across as a very down-to-earth person, who took pains to explain the nitty-grittys to me on different aspects. Scientists are renowned to be bored of general journalists, as both talk on different planes. Yet, Mr. Nair, even while he was on other plane, ensured that I at least could understand for myself what he was talking about. Considering the kind of time pressure that he works in, it is no mean achievement. Here is an interview of the man behind India’s moon mission (as it was published in Dataquest).


The Moon and Beyond

On a foggy wintry November evening last year, a 34 kg instrument after traversing some 400,000 kms journey plunged on to the lunar surface and painted it with the Indian tricolour. In its short 25 minute descent the Moon Impact Probe or MIP collected crucial data with its C-band Radar Altimeter, Video Imaging System and a Mass Spectrometer. All this data collected would be critical when the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) launches the second Chandrayaan mission that would carry with it a moon rover. With Chandrayaan, India became a member of a very select club of nations that have planted their flags on the lunar soil. Overnight, the world woke up to the space technology might of India and the nation became a power to reckon with in the arena.

The credit for this success solely lies with ISRO that will complete 4 decades of existence in this calendar year. These years have been very eventful in Indian history, from launching INSAT satellites on Russian Soyuz Rockets to launching ESA satellites on PSLV and GSLV rockets, the transition has been phenomenal.

One of the many people who deserve accolade for ISRO’s success is, G Madhvan Nair, a leading technologist in the field of rocket systems and also the current Chairman of ISRO. Over the years, Nair has played a significant role in development of the space program, for instance he was the project director for the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) development program. He was   also the director of ISRO’s largest R & D Centre, the Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre, and oversaw India’s Geo-synchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle (GSLV) successfully coming to fruition.  Recently, Nair, who is also the Secretary to the Department of Space and the Chairman, Space Commission, was awarded the Padma Vibhushan, India’s second highest civilian honour. In a tete-a-tete with Dataquest, he talks about how technology is shaping the future of India’s space program. Excerpts.

First and foremost, in light of the successful Chandrayaan Mission, what would you term as uniqueness of the mission in terms of new technology employed?

At the onset the Chandrayaan spacecraft was itself a very complex one. The payload of the mission contained instruments like Terrain Mapping Camera, Hyperspectral Imager, Lunar Laser Ranging Instrument, High Energy X-ray Spectrometer, etc. development of these systems were one of the challenges. But more important than that was the fact that to travel beyond the earth gravitational field to the distance of around 400,000 kms, which were doing for the first time, once we get out of the gravitational field of the earth, the forces that influence the course of the aircraft are very many.  Of course when the spacecraft travels long distance, the telemetry and telecommunications systems all become very important and for the same ISRO developed the Deep Space Network. These are just a few instances of the very many challenges that we successfully faced.

The annual budget of ISRO is merely a fraction of what is available to the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration or to the European Space Agency, how do you manage to stay ahead of the technology curve even by spending less? Do you feel constrained? Or does this limitation compel you to be more innovative?

No, we have actually worked out a very innovative way of developing new systems, pressure of regime of technology denial by advanced nations this has been one of the major motivational factors and our scientists put in extra effort which is needed to achieve self reliance in the area. Of course the basic thing is that almost every skill that is required for space research is available under one roof, so the next result is that our overheads are minimum and since our efforts are also concentrated on a mission mode approach we are able to achieve the results with minimum costs.

ISRO’s geographical spread is across the length and breadth of India, how do you interconnect all these offices, for instance the Physical Research Laboratory in Ahmedabad to the  National Atmospheric Research Lab in Chittoor. What is the role played by IT in networking these diverse centers?

We have satellite connectivity with all the centres, hence our travel is considerably less thanks to the extensive use of video-conferencing. Then we also have other means of data transfer system again through the means of satellite communication. The system ensures that simultaneous research is carried out at various centres.
IT& Technology is used in many ways, we have got the mission management computers in the launch vehicle and the satellite, they have been developed in-house including the software and hardware. That is one area. Then of course there is the routine area, as we use a large numbers of hi-end computers for research and every day affairs and for the same also we have developed a proprietary software to solve our scientific problems like Flow solver and complex computational fluid dynamics applications that was used for Chandrayaan, then we have 6 degree of  Freedom, etc. have been developed in-house and used widely at ISRO.

Do you also work with external partners to collaborate on the projects?

Whenever competency is available, we make use of it. But our requirements in terms of technology are very specific and hi-tech having a long gestation time and quite often we draw a blank when we have to look for an external partner.  Most of the times, we go in for design and development in house and if there is a need for repetitive production than we involve an external partner,

One of the other successes of NASA has been its Outreach programme, the way it captures the imagination of the general masses by sharing real-time video on its website, or video-clips, interviews of its scientists, etc. ISRO did something similar with the Chandrayaan Mission, what is your view on the same and what are the future plans?

Specifically speaking from the website basis, we have made a beginning now, the website is not yet very exhaustive one to allow complete dissemination of information. But we do have an exhaustive outreach program in place, for instance we regularly allow students from various schools to visit our centres to get a first-hand experience of our work. During the world space week that happens in October, we organize a whole lot of seminars for both school and college children. We also participate in lots of exhibitions across the country. So we have our own ways of reaching out the people, and we try to do that as many as possible. As far as capitalising on the Internet is concerned, I think disseminating information Web is an ideal medium if utilised properly and we are looking at that as well.

Remote sensing has been another great success story, for instance maps have been made of vegetation cover on a 1 : 250,000 scale. What has been the commercial application of this data and when can we see full-fledged GIS applications for the common citizen?
We are slowing evolving on the remote sensing front. We are in the process of collating all the information that can be shared with the general and intend to publish them in a website. Thus you could see a whole lot of applications coming on that front in the next few months itself.

Technology spin-offs are said to be one of the biggest benefits of a healthy space program, do you think missions like Chandrayaan and the proposed mission to Mars and manned space missions, would lead to such spin-offs? Can you briefly share, what they could be?
We have always made sure mission outcome serves the nation and most of the outcome is serving the society through means like telemedicine and tele-education that is the direct impact. The indirect impact is not really visible, but works nonetheless. We have worked with a lot other organizations in India sharing with them our know how and this has translated in much benefit to the society at large.

Shashwat DC

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  1. Mr. Shashwat DC:
    Please update your comments after reading and verifying the following contents. Note that Mr.Nair ISRO Chief is the most corrupted executive of our country. Unmask his dirty game for the public interest. GOD BLESS YOU.

    —– Forwarded Message —-
    Sent: Tuesday, March 17, 2009 9:23:56 PM
    Subject: Fw: To: Dr. Shashi Tharoor, Former Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations

    An Open Letter from ISRO Community


    Dr. Shashi Tharoor
    Former Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations


    Our Dearest Dr.Shashi Tharoor,

    Sub: Speech Delivered by Dr. Shashi Tharoor on the occasion of presenting the 12th AK Nair Memorial Award to Dr.G.Madhavan Nair, Chairman, ISRO at Kannur, Kerala dated 01.02.2009 – amendment sought.

    We, the good visionaries of our country and well wishers of you, trust and hope that you will not get offended if we request you to withdraw certain comments made by you on the occasion of presenting the 12th AK Nair memorial award to Dr.G.Madhavan Nair, Chairman, ISRO at Kannur, Kerala on 1st February 2009, which is now available in the ISRO web site with vicious intention. Therefore we urge you to take necessary steps to produce the evidence to the public on Lunar Impact Probe or withdraw your following statements appeared in your speech for safeguarding your image, before abusing it by the ISRO Chairman Mr.Nair. A copy of the said speech is attached in the pdf format herewith for your nimble reference. The following are your lavish words and our connected honest rebuttal/comments.

    Shashi Tharoor> On November 14, 2008, at 8.31 pm, the lunar impact probe from the orbiting Chandrayaan 1 struck the moon’s surface (see para 4, page 1 of Dr.Shashi Tharoor speech dated 01.02.2009).

    ISRO community> We, the ISRO Community (less Mr.G.Madhavan Nair) don’t have any evidence to ascertain the same. Sir, do you have any evidence to establish your aforesaid statement? If not please contact Mr.G.Madhavan Nair, ISRO Chief to provide you with evidence(s) on the same or advice him to withdraw your said speech from the ISRO web forthwith. Please note that the Moon Impact probe was a total failure. Also note that misrepresenting the fact is a criminal offence. We should not mislead the global scientific community, media and public. We have to do a lot of fundamental studies before planning any MANNED MISSION to moon. Our INDIAN service rules prohibit us to reveal the truth openly without the Chief consent! You, being an aspirant candidate for the forthcoming general election and a close associate of our CLEVER Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh, may please take necessary steps to assist our Government to amend the service rules for unmasking the dirty personalities of Chief executives of our country in red hand for stopping their retention and unlawful service extension for the public interest. It seems Space Commission Members are taking selective deafness on Mr.Nair’s dirty game in ISRO with the help of innocent media, local politicians and public. We are copying this email to all the Directors of IITs with a request to identify talented Professors/Scientists within the country or abroad for the post of ISRO Chairman post forthwith. Because during the last five years Mr.Nair polluted the ISRO in all respect for meeting his hidden unethical and illegal agenda. History will prove that Mr.Nair was totally unfit for heading the R&D organisation lie ISRO. Irrepairable loss to the country due to Mr.Nair’s service will be known to the appointing authority and public in the near future. We reserve further comments at this juncture. ISRO projects are not for facination it would be for the development of the Nation in all respect. We should not misuse the taxpayees money. Mr.Nair’s claim on moon mission budget of 3% of the total budget is just fooling the people. We should not forget the life of the poor people of our country who are under the proverty line. The ISRO should be brave enough to generate revenue from abroad through world class operational GSLVs; for that world class Scientists are required, which Mr.Nair and his chela won’t allow. As a result our country and people will suffer a lot due to inappropriate usage of our rich man power. Therefore we need good visionaries with good integrity in all Chief executive post of our country. Your help and support at this juncture is requested.

    Shashi Tharoor> It is a great privilege to present this award to Dr. G Madhavan Nair, of whom it has aptly been said “he promised India the moon, and fulfilled his promise”. Just last week a grateful and proud nation honoured him with the Padma Vibhushan (see para 2, page 1 of Dr.Shashi Tharoor speech dated 01.02.2009).

    ISRO community> He promised India the SUN mission too!! Note that any Award to the FALSE news maker Mr.G.Madhavan Nair, ISRO Chief will be shameful to the Scientific Community. An Exclusive Report from ISRO Community Bangalore in this regard, circulated earlier, is attached below for your kind perusal. If provision is there Government of India MUST withdraw Mr.Nair’s both Padma awards.

    Shashi Tharoor> When Dr Nair took over the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) as Chairman just five years ago, he brought a new vision to this remarkable organization. ISRO had already had an impressive record. It had designed state-of the- art satellites that the rest of the world acknowledged to be world class; it had also made the rockets that sent those satellites up into space. India is one of the handful of countries that has the capacity to launch satellites and others come to us to use our facilities. But Dr Madhavan Nair went beyond: he took ISRO, and India, where the country had never been before – to the moon (see page 1, para 3 of Dr.Shashi Tharoor speech dated 01.02.2009).

    ISRO community> Objection. Mr.Nair’s vision was to hold his chair as long as possible. Honestly speaking last 5 years NO research in ISRO only unproductive projects for publicity and further his lobbing at the cost of our tax payees money. ISRO satellite failures are common, which are best kept secrets. Sorry to say that India is now 30 years behind the neighboring country CHINA on space research. Mr.Nair’s five year service totally spoiled the research temper of ISRO community and many talented Scientists left ISRO with unaccountable loss to the Nation. History will reveal these truths. Report reveals that more than 25 countries are better than India on Satellite technology. Your speech is put up by Mr.Nair in the ISRO web as an advertisement for cheating the international community. Note that it will affect your reputation. We understand your innocent appreciation to Mr.Nair on that specific occasion. Nevertheless, we are requesting you to amend your speech, after considering your reputation, on ethical reason. Note that one day prior to your speech the news aired that ISRO-built satellite fails after five weeks. A copy of the report dated 31st January 2009 attached herewith for your kind perusal.

    Shashi Tharoor> Nehru’s establishment of the Indian Institutes of Technology have produced many of the finest minds in America’s Silicon Valley. Today, an IIT degree is held in the same reverence in the U.S. as one from MIT or Caltech, and India’s extraordinary leadership in the software industry is the indirect result of Jawaharlal Nehru’s faith in scientific education. (see page 2, para 2 of Dr.Shashi Tharoor speech dated 01.02.2009)

    ISRO community> Why IITicians are going abroad? Please note that most of the Scientists graduated from IITs are left from the ISRO, not for high earnings, due to the unhealthy working culture and religious fanaticism coupled with Mr.G.Madhavan Nair’s un-bearing mentally retarded statements, which are corroborated with his recent stupid SUN mission statements. The fact is that NASA once made a statement that they will explore the SUN’s north pole, which Mr.Nair thought they are going to land on the SUN’s surface! There is a Sardarji joke in ISRO for supporting Mr.Nair, it says Mr.Nair is planning Manned Mission to SUN in NIGHT so that SUN surface will be cool… !!…Last FIVE years ISRO community frustrated like anything due to these types of statements of the intellectually challenged Mr.G.Madhavan Nair. Sir, you may please assist our Government to find a suitable Scientist for ISRO Chairman post for meeting the future challenges of our nation. Your comprehension about Mr.G.Madhavan Nair is totally wrong. Last FIVE years Mr.Nair was doing all unethical activities for publicity after sacking two eminent Scientists from ISRO, as if they were/are elevated viz., Dr.Kasthurirangan (Former ISRO Chairman), Member Rajsabha and Dr.Goel , (Former director, ISCA/ISRO); and demoralizing many talented Scientists for meeting his unending and unethical needs. Mr.Nair used to bribe ISRO association leaders after satisfying their weakness for coveringup his corruption stories. Mr.Nair is against IITs/IISc graduate/M.Tech/PhDs, which may be due to his psychological reasons owing to the fact that he is merely a graduate [B.Sc(Engg)] from Kerala. Honory doctorate he secured after becoming ISRO Chief!. Yesterday (14.03.2009) one of the Supreme Court Judges from South India openly mentioned that media is taking selective deafness on BIG corruption news against politicians and chief executives of our country due to their GIFTS and the backdoor help to the media. Though the media is aware about the failure of the Moon Impact Probe (MIP) they are not notifying it to the public. This is the type of journalism in India. Had the whereabouts of the MIP with Indian tricolor FLAG were known to ISRO Chief it would have been given a BIG publicity. It is obvious that, at this juncture, without finding the reason of the MIP failure ISRO cannot plan for a Manned Mission to moon. Mr.Nair claimed many pictures took by the CHANDRAYAN but none of the pictures differ from NASA’s published text book pictures! And no picture shows MIP laying on the Moon surface. No signal available from MIP as on date. We don’t know who is protecting Mr.G.Madhavan Nair at the Government level for permitting him to continue the ISRO Chief post even after attaining his age 65 with unethical track record with large scale corruption and fanaticism. We wonder why Padma award given to Mr.Nair alone instead of clubbing it with the MOON project Director!!

    Shashi Tharoor> Aryabhata conceived of the elliptical orbits of the planets a thousand years before Kepler, in the West, came to the sameconclusion (having assumed, like all Europeans, that planetary orbits were circular rather than elliptical). (see page 4, para 1 of Dr.Shashi Tharoor speech dated 01.02.2009)

    ISRO community> Mr.Nair is very weak in Space/Orbit Mechanics. He doesn’t conceive the Kepler’s law and Hohmann transfer ellipse. That is the reason he insisted low performance PSLV for moon mission.

    General Remarks >Mr.G.Madhavan Nair doesn’t have any philosophy. His interaction was/is only with low profile employees and third-rated politicians. He will never address to intellectual audience. If at all there is an occasion he will insist the organizers to prohibit questions from audience! Prof.R.Narasimha helped him several times. We reserve further comments about Mr.Nair. Note that Mr.Nair’s main target is to get publicity and please the politicians for getting his undeserving service benefits. His financial corruptions are popular. Mr.Nair’s 5 year tenure has severely affected the GSLV project and further fundamental research. PSLV carrying the CHANDRAYAN was a baby of former VSSC/ISRO Director Late Dr.Srinivasan. Contribution of Mr.G.Madhavan Nair to the space program is a BIG ZERO. He is a crooked manager and so far NO scientific publication into his credit. Then the question is how he became the Chairman and continued to be a Chairman for 5 years. We reserve further comments. Sir, we understand that you belongs to South Indian Nair community looking for Congress party nomination. Therefore we request you to reduce the association with Mr.G.Madhavan Nair, BJP nominated ISRO Chairman and a well known religious fanatic for keeping your reputation intact. Note that your presence at Kannur, Kerala for giving a private award to the ISRO Chief was partly affected your personality, which are corroborated with the following published reports. We are copying this to Mr.A.K.Antony, Cabinet Minister, Indian Union for his kind information in the light of his unknowing remark about Mr.Nair during the News Maker award. We are also copying this letter to media and others for needful action for the public interest.

    Sir, we hope you will absorb the contents of the email in the right scientific spirit and will do the needful for recasting the ISRO Space Commission forthwith for the national interest. We also hope that your international contacts can help our country to get talented Scientists from abroad for steering ISRO in near future. You may please contact ISRO Headquarters Bangalore (Phone: +91-80-23415474) and advise Mr.Nair to withdraw the unauthentic comments appeared in your speech (unknowfrom the official ISRO web site for retaining your integrity intact. Inconvenience caused is highly regretted.

    Jai Hind

    With Love and Respect,

    ISRO Community


    Shri.A.K.Antony, Hon’ble Minister of Defense, Indian Union – with a request to reexamine your views about ISRO and Mr.G.Madhavan Nair.
    Media – with a request to contact Dr.Tharoor and publish his comments before declaring his nomination by the Congress party.
    Secretary to Dr.Shashi Tharoor – for nimble processing of this email to his personal desk.
    Ms.Sonia Gandhi, UPA Chair person.
    All Concerned


    January 2009

    Any Award to the News Maker Mr.G.Madhavan Nair, ISRO Chief will be shameful to the Scientific Community – A Report



    Kalam’s Brain Child Buried at the Deep Space

    A shameful Confidential Report to the Media and the Public for Circulation

    An Exclusive Report from ISRO Community Bangalore

    ISRO’s best kept-secrets

    Hon’ble the Chief Justice of India Mr. Justice K.G.Balakrishnan in an exclusive interview with two Indian TV Channels says that the media can assist and help the judiciary. In the light of the connected reports appeared in the print media (16.01.2009) we urge all journalist/press/media to probe all issues against all CEO’s of our Country including the reportedly the most corrupted and most religious fanatic and the high-tech false NEWS MAKER none other than the ISRO Chief and Secretary Department of Space (DoS) Mr.G.Madhavan Nair “THE FUTURE SUN MISSION SPECIALIST “ at an early date and assist the Government of India and/or our judiciary for reconstruction of the Department of Space and Space Commission and its allied ISRO laboratories / centers for the national interest.

    Though we are appreciating the efforts taken by the media for absorbing the sentiments of the public on MOON MISSION and its technologically undeserving publicity; we painfully disclose to the media that whereabouts of the MOON IMPACT PROBE (MIP), a brain child of Dr.Kalam, is not known to ISRO and it is presumed that entire instruments (MIP) and our Indian flag were burnt out at the deep space!. Recent video pictures uploaded in the ISRO website and snaps are superimposed (rather say manipulated as per the instruction of Mr.Nair) based on the NASA data for safeguarding the image of ISRO. If we disclose the failure of MIP, that will create a bad name to our country and our public will get demoralized. However, it is our morel responsibility to make known the corruption and maladministration of intellectually challenged ISRO Chief Mr.G.Madhavan Nair to the taxpayees of this country. All these BIG loss happened due to the adamant and foolish nature of the ISRO Chairman, Mr.Nair, who appeared in front of media as an innocent man.

    ISRO could not drop successfully an Impact Probe to MOON, then how Mr.Nair can ask the Gov for multimillion Rupees for MANNED MISSION project to moon! Talented Scientists are required for developing basic technology before any mission planning. Note that Mr.Nair’s activities are uncharitable to the extreme. No honest Scientist will continue in ISRO if Gov keep-on elevates these types of unethical characters in key sectors like ISRO. Dr.Manmohan Singh is aware of Mr.Nair’s dirty game he extended his service due to Dr.Kalam’s pressure.

    We urge the journalists to probe into all these issues and report honestly and assist our Government for taking thoughtful decisions for the public interest. We are preparing this confidential report with the help of Senior Scientists, who are belonging to South Indian Nair community. According to their own words “We are ashamed to disclose that we are belonging to Nair community because ISRO Chief will honour any stupid Nair without any merit. If it goes like this ISRO NAIR bus driver will become the ISRO Chief one day” This indicates that clever Nair employees are also frustrated. Only stupid and puppets are fit for Mr.Nair’s administration. This is a very dangerous situation of our country.

    Coming to know about Mr.Nair’s maladministration, we learnt that UPA Government was reluctant to give any Padma award to Mr.G.Madhavan Nair and his chelas. To avoid unnecessary discussions Gov. finally decided to throw one award to ISRO Chief, though he is NOT deserving owing to the fact that MOON MISSION got high publicity due to the media influence without knowing the real scientific achievement. On the same ground the media may please take the initiative for withdrawing the same.


    * Had the ISRO espionage not been fired during the mid 90’s the US educated the brilliant Scientist Mr.Nambinarayanan would have been the first choice of the Chairman post of ISRO instead of the reportedly corrupted, religious fanatic and false news maker Mr.G.Madhavan Nair.

    · Mr.G.Madhavan Nair was supposed to retire in October 2003 from VSSC. One month prior to his retirement Mr.Nair played dirty game with the support of BJP and Dr.A.P.J.Kalam resulting physically sacking a real Scientist Dr.Kasthurirangan from ISRO Chairman post under the pretext of Rajsabha nomination; rest the story of the ISRO NEWS MAKER.

    · Later media (Source: Kalakaumudi daily) reported that Dr.Kalam was a Hitler. It is corroborating with many incidents. We are reserving further comments.

    · It is well known in the Scientific community that Mr.Nair is not a Scientist and cannot ever be a Scientist due to his inherent inability. But he can be an unethical and a dirty politician, which he corroborated through NEWS MAKER award after cheating the scientifically ignorant and innocent public.

    * ISRO records reveal that Mr.Nair went out of way for getting ISRO space institute. Why media is silent on the Ponmudi multi-crore land scam issue? What is the present status?
    * Why media is silent on the status of the Moon Impact Probe (MIT). Please take the archives and re-telecast the predictions on MIP performance and pause questions to Mr.Nair.
    * Why media is silent on Mr.Nair’s earlier announcement on free launch of Italian Satellite? Was it aimed for pleasing Ms.Sonia Gandhi for his undeserving service extension or anything else!
    * Why media is not asking the reason for ISRO to going to French Gayana for INSAT launching? Million dollor loss to the Country in this regard. SNV Lavilin looss is very less compareRed to this. Report reveals.
    * Why media is not asking the exact expenses of one PSLV mission and its revenue?
    * Why ISRO is offering low cost launching to some selected countries? Repeated agreement with Italy refers.
    * Why media is not probing the multi-crore corruption of Mr.Nair through outside rocket engine fabrication and foreign satellite launching from India and Indian Satellites from FRANCE !
    * Why media is not probing on his and his chelas foreign travel?
    * Why media is not probing on the ISRO’s brain drain?
    * Why media were silent on Mr.Nair’s announcement on SUN mission? Now high school students are criticizing. Why media taking selective deafness on these issues?
    * Why Mr.Nair is slowing down the GSLV project and frequently launching PSLV? It aims for multifold intensions. That may be probed. GSLV project managers are selected based on communal basis!
    * Why media is not probing on the hidden agreement of Mr.Nair with European Space Agency (ESA) Chief? We should not ignore the fact that Indian multi-crore rupee is going to ESA for Mr.Nair’s personal gain.
    * Why media is not probing on the performance of Indian satellites (an earlier report given below) at the orbit?
    * Listed next ISRO chief, the current Director VSSC, is also a non-specialist and a chela of Mr.Nair. He was appointed at VSSC through malafied way. His appointment must be prohibited.
    * Proper man, material, energy and money audits are inevitable at DoS/ISRO for unmasking the complete corruption histories of ISRO/DoS. Appointment of VSSC Director as Dr.Radhakrishnan Nair, a non-specialist, who belongs to the chela of Mr.G.Madhavan Nair needs to be examined in detail in the light of recent allegations on his appearance along with South Indian Nair community leaders at Kerala. Report reveals that Dr.G.Madhavan Nair nominated Dr.Radhakrishnan Nair for attending the same for getting communal support for getting an ISRO Chairman seat! We reserve further comments. Note that clever Nairs are against ISRO Chief Mr.Nair’s dirty communal game.
    * We urge the South India Nair journalists to take a lead role ethically in this regard for removing Mr.G.Madhavan Nair from ISRO forthwith for the rapid growth of our country.

    At this juncture we are prompted to send this fax/email to all known sources due to the arrest of the former Satyam Chief Mr.B.Ramalinga Raju, who was bestowed with “Honest Business Award-2007” !! We all know that in INDIA awards are readily available.

    There are so many unfortunate incidents in ISRO. Poor public do not know the dirty game of Mr.G.Madhavan Nair, Secretary, Department of Space (DoS).

    We will not be surprise to see the arrest of many more CEO’s of our Country including the Chairman ISRO Mr.G.Madhavan Nair on valid grounds. They were/are misleading the country and people for their personal gain at the cost of our taxpayers money.

    We urge the media to take immediate steps to unmask the dirty personality of Mr.Nair and discharge your duties honestly for the National interest.

    Jai hind

    ISRO Employees


    December 2008


    The Hon’ble Prime Minister of India


    Sub: ISRO (False) News Maker and his SUN Mission!

    Once you had highlighted to our Nation that science must be harnessed in full. We too agree with you, Sir but the fact is that our Nation’s top research organization’s (ISRO) management is not capable to retain the best talents for meeting the needs of our country due to the unhealthy and unproductive working culture created by the present intellectually challenged ISRO Chairman Mr.(Dr.) G.Madhavan Nair (66). Now Mr.Nair is acting like a third-rated politician for publicity.

    Mr.Nair’s recent announcement through all TV media/press for SUN Mission created a VERY BAD image to the ISRO Scientists and now they are dejected to face even the high school students, public and scientific community due to embracing questions on SUN Mission. International forum is fingering the Scientific Community of India and laughing on Nair’s SUN mission. This was visibly reflected during the Centenary Conference at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. Nobody clapped their hands when some of the delegates from your office made passing reference on MOON MISSION success because Scientific community is aware of the real truth behind the MOON MISSION. Report reveals that even the Group D employees are laughing but our poor media seems keeping selective deafness presumably due to the ISRO Chairman’s post flight treat!

    The ISRO community will not be wonder to hear Mr.Nair’s further brainless statement “awaiting central ministry approval” on “MANNED MISSION TO SUN” for getting top NEWS MAKER award from some local daily. A man with minimum common sense will not make these types of statements openly. Sir, you can now easily infer how much blunder Mr.Nair is making within ISRO. If anybody opposes his blunders he/she will be demoralized in all respect. This is the main reason that most of the graduates/postgraduates from the top institutes of our country are leaving from ISRO. Mr.Nair made open comments that he will manage ISRO with diploma holders. Once this brains drain topic was came up for discussion before the Parliament but it ended without solution. Having known the ISRO unhealthy working culture the high profile Ph.D candidates are reluctant to apply to ISRO.

    We wonder why our media is NOT questioning Mr.Nair and his SUN Mission? Why they are not asking whereabouts of the Indian Flag carried by the CHANDRAYAAN? Why media is not asking about the useful outcome of the MOON MISSION. Why media is not revealing Mr.Nair’s hidden agenda? We heard that the popular Malayalam News paper figured ISRO Chairman’s name for NEWS MAKER AWARD-2008. We do have sympathy about it owing to the fact that our MOON MISSION was not a technological success because its main objective was not yet met; moreover the whereabouts of the instruments and the Indian Flag carrying the MOON IMPACT PROBE (MIP) is not known.

    Our service rules prohibit us to make open statement against Mr.Nair and his unproductive, dishonest and illegal dealings; so this communication to a talented Prime Minister like you, Sir for necessary action for examining the matter through an independent outside agency aiming to replace Mr.Nair from ISRO. Also you may please take necessary step for the smooth exit of 66 year old Mr.Nair from both ISRO and its connected ISRO-ANTRIX cooperation forthwith. Now Mr.Nair is planning MANNED MOON MISSION for further publicity and most of the central ministers without knowing the scientific fact appreciating the project. We must say that Mr.Nair is abusing the PSLV rocket for publicity instead of focusing on basic research for GSLV rocket development for getting revenue to the country, which is at the cost of the tax payees’ money. There is a say among common man “if you give poor mileage vehicle to your son he will spoil your family through big financial burden; similarly Mr.Nair is putting our country in burden through unproductive launches using the low performance PSLV for pleasing politicians under the pretext of Nations prestige (!!) for getting his undeserving service extension. Your advisor Prof.CNR Rao once commented we need Scientists for Nation building and not Managers of these type. Sir, please note that launching of GSLV is of urgent need to our country for that we need highly qualified Scientists. Henceforth we should not go to French Guyana for Satellite launching. Mr.Nair got hidden agenda in this regard. It will be unproductive to our country in all respect. Please divert fund for indigenization of GSLV on priority basis instead of approving unscientific missions. For meeting these challenges Sir, you may please find an internationally recognized Scientist on space science and technology with ethics and vision for the ISRO Chair/Secretary DoS post forthwith. As per your earlier published data we have only 157 Scientists and Engineers per million people involved in research and development. Korea (South) had 50 times more and the United States and Japan over 30 times more. Quality and output is another issue. In 10 years, China has overtaken India in the number of scientific research papers published in internationally peer-reviewed journals. In fact they published three times our number. Mr.Nair never published a paper in international journals. He had come up in ISRO through unfair way. We reserve further comments against ISRO Chair at this point of time. If the UPA government further entertain the BJP nominated Mr.Nair, the ISRO News Maker, our qualified Scientists number will decrease further exponentially, which will scuttle the development of our nation.

    Forwarded to you for your thoughtful decision at an early date.

    JAI HIND With warm regards,

    Scientific community of ISRO BANGALORE

    Cc: News Maker-2008 Award Committee / Press

    ISRO-built satellite fails after five weeks

    January 31st, 2009 – 1:16 pm ICT by IANS –

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    ISROBangalore, Jan 31 (IANS) The very first communications satellite sold by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) to the European operator Eutelsat has failed abruptly after five weeks in orbit, in a setback to ISRO which just celebrated the 100th day of its successful moon mission. “Scientists at ISRO are analyzing the anomaly in the hope of reviving the satellite,” ISRO spokesman S. Satish told IANS.

    He said ISRO’s two earlier satellites INSAT-1C and 2D had similar problems. But European analysts have told the authoritative Washington-based Space News, that the ISRO-built satellite “is likely a total loss”.

    The satellite W2M is the inaugural product of a Euro-Indian joint venture agreement between Antrix and Astrium Satellites of Europe signed in February 2006. It was launched Dec 20 for Paris-based Eutelsat.

    “It is really unfortunate but we have to take the failure in its stride,” said K.R. Sridharamurthi, executive director of Antrix, the commercial arm of ISRO. He said the confidentiality agreement with Astrium prevented him from discussing anything further about the satellite problem.

    In a curt statement Eutelsat said: “The performance of the W2M satellite, which was launched on 20 December, 2008, does not comply with the requirements set with the spacecraft’s manufacturer, EADS Astrium/ISRO Antrix, following a major anomaly affecting the satellite’s power subsystem.”

    Under the agreement, Antrix and ISRO had responsibility for operating W2M during its first weeks in orbit before transferring control to Eutelsat. “The satellite had performed well during these weeks,” Sridharamurthi said.

    Space News quoting industry officials said there was a sudden failure of its electric-power subsystem during the night of Jan 22-23 as it was being moved from its in-orbit test location toward its final geostationary slot at 16 degrees east longitude.

    While the exact cause of the W2M failure is under investigation, “it can almost certainly be traced to the Antrix-provided platform”, Space News, quoting industry officials, said.

    According to Space News, recovery efforts will continue as engineers seek to determine whether at least a portion of the satellite’s capacity can be brought into use. “If these efforts are unsuccessful, they said, W2M’s on-board thrusters will be used to guide the satellite into a so-called graveyard orbit about 300 km above the geostationary arc.”

    The Astrium-Antrix joint venture’s ambition is to offer a relatively inexpensive alternative for customers who want satellites at the lower end of the price, power and weight range of commercial telecommunications satellites.

    Eutelsat was the first customer to purchase a satellite from the Antrix-Astrium joint venture. A second satellite ‘Hylas’ is under construction at an ISRO centre in Bangalore for Avanti Communications Group of London and scheduled for launch late this year.

    Sridharamurthi said that work on Hylas production is proceeding as scheduled and will not be affected by the W2M problem.

    Isro satellite ‘disappears’, loses five years of life

    Arun Ram

    Saturday, December 15, 2007 08:34 IST

    Insat-4CR recovered, but use of fuel to move it back to right orbit shortens life
    CHENNAI: Here is one of the best-kept secrets of the Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro): Insat-4CR, launched by a geosynchronous satellite launch vehicle (GSLV-F04) on September 2, 2007, “disappeared” in space about a month later.
    The satellite, which has 12 transponders meant for defence applications, direct-to-home (DTH) services and news gathering for television channels, was, however, “spotted” again with the help of the US-based National Aeronautics & Space Administration (Nasa) and brought back to a near geosynchronous orbit (36,000 km above earth). This took 15 days of manoeuvres, which consumed fuel normally meant for five years. This means the life of the satellite has come down from 10 years to five years.
    A satellite’s life is determined by its fuel supply. As it keeps drifting in space, it has to be propelled back to the desired orbit using precious fuel.
    A highly-placed source told DNA that Insat-4CR “disappeared” some time in October, almost a month after its orbit was raised for the fifth time to a near-geosynchronous orbit from the master control facility (MCF) at Hassan in Karnataka on September 7. The GSLV-F04 launch carrying Insat-4CR was critical for Isro after it lost Insat-4C #one minute after launch on July 10, 2006. Insat-4CR had a perfect launch, but the unusual drift in space was totally unexpected. Insat-4CR, weighing 2,130 kg, is identical to Insat-4C.
    When its tracking systems failed to locate the satellite, Isro sought help from Nasa. The Nasa Orbital Debris Program Office located it a few days later. “Reclaiming the satellite was no mean achievement,” said the source, “but in the process, the satellite lost fuel meant for five years.”

    Of the 12 transponders the satellite has, six are for Bharti’s DTH platform which is planned for launch in January 2008. Two others are for defence, one each for the Indian Railways and ONGC and the remaining two for different television channels.
    Isro’s satellite communication programme director Bhaskar Narayan, however, denied any glitches to Insat-4CR. When contacted, a Bharti spokesperson refused to confirm or deny information about the satellite.

    “All we can say is that our service levels and delivery schedules are unaffected,” the spokesperson said. truly unfortunate incident.


    We, a group of ISRO officials including a few belongs to KERALA Nair community of Department of Space, on ethical standpoint do hereby solemnly affirm and state as under:

    That, we are well conversant with many of the corruption stories of the ISRO Chairman Mr.G.Madhavan Nair, which are suppressed by the BIG wings of the highest offices of our country including the Prime Minister’s Office and Hon’ble President’s Office during the tenure of Dr.Kalam. Report reveals that Kerala News Paper reported that Dr.Kalam was an Hitler (Source: Translated version of Kalakaumudi, 2007), who was supporting the corruption of Mr.G.Madhavan Nair!. Kerala space institute ponmudi land scam and other is evident in this regard. Prime Ministers Principal Secretary Mr.T.A.K.Nair took personal interest on Ponmudy land scam issue and personally met Kerala CM for settling it.

    The media may please probe why the highest offices of our country supporting a corrupted executive like Mr.G.Madhavan Nair. Is it due to the limitation of the evidence act of our land and the connected FIR ?!


    · ISRO espionage was evidently fueled by Mr.G.Madhavan Nair and his chelas for facilitating Mr.Nair to occupying the LPSC/ISRO Director post after removing the highly qualified ISRO Director Dr.L.Muthunayagam and his senior executives Dr.Nambinarayan and others who were fully exonerated through judicial intervention later. But at that time media could not discriminate the right and the wrong rather news were sensitized and sold out at the cost of ISRO Scientists life and liberty. It was demoralized the entire Scientific community. Had the espionage not been fired at that time the US educated the brilliant Scientist Mr.Nambinarayanan would have been the Chairman of ISRO instead of Mr.G.Madhavan Nair and his unproductive stupid missions.

    Mr.Nair also realized that during his tenure howsoever its length he cannot lead a research team for GSLV realization and further his personal gain. Instead of prioritizing GSLV research; for meeting Mr.Nair’s hidden agenda a meeting was conveyed at ISRO and Mr.Nair declared that he will get Government approval for launching PSLV frequently aiming for getting media attention and public applause and further pleasing politicians and Gov for his undeserving service extension at the cost of tax payees money.


    ISRO to launch Israel ‘s spy satellite

    NEW DELHI : Israel has decided to launch its next spy satellite aboard India ‘s Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) rather than its own indigenous Shavit rocket, according to a report in “Spacenews,” Washington-based authoritative weekly on global space business.

    The report quoting Israeli officials in Tel Aviv said that Israel’s Ministry of Defence and state-owned satellite producer Israel Aircraft Industries Ltd (IAI) are nearing conclusion with their Indian counterparts of all political and contractual agreements required for the planned October 2006 launch of the TechSAR, Israel’s first synthetic aperture radar imaging satellite.

    “On the government-to-government level, a pre-existing bilateral accord on strategic cooperation (between India and Israel ) already covers most aspects of the mission,” the report said.

    The estimated 260-kilogram TechSAR is slated as the exclusive payload aboard the PSLV, which will be launched from the Indian Space Research Organisation’s Satish Dhawan Space Center , the report said.

    If all agreements are finalised in the coming months, as expected, IAI will ship the satellite to the Indian launch site by summer, it said.

    —-1. Visit and see the comments at
    ISRO – Public money sucker
    Reproducing one of the comments for public interest.
    There is lots of praise everywhere about successful launch of un-manned moon mission. ISRO has not disclosed the real objectives of the
    mission neither to the govt. nor to the public though the entire funding is through tax-payers pie. But some rumours are spread that mission is searching for water on moon. Some scientists are upbeat that for the first time Indian flag will be unfurled on moon surface. Some said the mission will get map of the moon. Some scientists say it’s a fitting answer to technology denial regimes. But the fact is that the Chandrayaan project head AnnaDurai was busy in space/moon exploration departments of John Hopkins University and 50% control of Chandrayan-1 is done from a USA satellite control station. In fact according to SPAN Magazine Aug2008 moon mapper is developed at John Hopkins University several years back and ISRO wants to send their latest moon mapper.
    The top scientists at ISRO are misleading Indian Government about it’s real achievements. The media is adding fire to the hype by just praising the launch instead of asking fundamental questions about the mission. ISRO vows expaination to the country about the mission objectives in crisp terms instead of doing mere self praising. ISRO should also explain in detail about the indeginous content of the entire Chanrayaan-1, ISRO claims as completely indegenious is blatant lie.
    Based on top scientists recommendation, govt. may release about 10,000 crores to fund manned mission. This is highly shameful project with little or no objective. The tax-payers money should not be wasted, instead govt. should look after the poor of the country and invest this big money in education, medical care,sanitation or agriculture where the results are quick and satisfying.
    Very recently, CAG has rapped ISRO’s style of working, it has found that close to 70% of items and components are procured by single tendering without competition. For period 2001-2007 ISRO has spent about Rs.6000 crores and most of the transactions are not tranparent. Space ministry, top ISRO scientists and associated officials should explain with crisp clarity so as why so much money should be spent and for what.
    Top media establishments/Govt. departments like CAG should probe ISRO’s transactions and should make public ISRO’s objectives clear to the Indian public. Why such big money should be spent for just self praising like “part of elite countries” etc etc. when ISRO itself is functioning with lots of corruption and misleading Indian public.
    There should be fundamental change in the way money is spent for public benefit. For example India leads the world in ’Poorest’ sanitatised nation in the world, about 600 million people defecate in open everyday which is shame for not just India but also the Earth. Why can’t Rs.10,000 crore be spent on improving sanitation rather than discovering water on moon ? Why should we beg few million dollars from Bill Gates to fund Polio Vacination Program in India, why can’t we use the money wasted by ISRO for such humane purpose?
    It’s time that commom sense prevail over hype and wasteful expenditure of tax-payers money.

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